Moncayo Method

Discovery in electron photonics


galileo_y_la_iglesia.jpgA brief overview of official Western science will provide the context in which to place the findings of Dr. Moncayo.

Copernicus boldly stated that the Sun and not the Earth was the center of the universe. Galileo supported Copernicus and developed the empirical method. In the Seventeenth Century, Descartes postulated the separation of Spirit from Matter. Later on, Newton stated that anything that could not be measured was unscientific fantasy.

Mechanical laws separated human beings from the Living Energy that sustains us.

In the Twentieth Century, the theories and postulates of Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schörindger, Dirac, Bhom and Lazslo opened a door in which the possible existence of that which is not yet known is not denied.

The evidence derived from the study of various events at the atomic scale led to the conclusion that Newton’s physics were not applicable to electrons and other minute particles.

Said conclusion gave rise to a new vision of the physical world, based on quantum-wave mechanics. This branch of modern physics points out that it is impossible to describe the movement of electrons on the basis of paths, and that we can only determine the probability of finding any electron at a point in space.

The above was one of the most surprising principles of the New Mechanics. It was postulated by the physicist Werner Heisenberg in his well-known work “The Indeterminacy Principle”, also known as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle (1927).
The Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger (1926) developed a theory on hydrogen atoms on the basis of the ideas of the French physicist Louis de Broglie, who affirmed that particles in movement can have a wave associated.


Schrödinger, who knew the work of de Broglie, posed the following question: “would it not be possible to describe the electron by means of an equation similar to that applied in physics for describing, for instance,  the waves of a vibrating string or sound waves?”


Schrödinger worked hard to resolve the problem and obtained results which partly matched those obtained by Bohr, but in addition he was able to access through calculations experimental result values that Bohr’s theory had been unable to explain. This was the inception of wave mechanics. Almost at the same time, three physicists (Werner Heisenberg, Max Born and Pascual Jordan) obtained the same results applying other mathematical tools such as matrix mechanics to the hydrogen atom problem.

Schrödinger’s theory developed the modern concept of “orbital”, derived from the concept of orbit. It could be defined as a region of space where an electron is likely to be found. Electronic configurations specify how the electrons of atoms are distributed in the levels and sub-levels of energy which provide information about the chemical properties of elements, the difficulty with which they capture or release electrons, the type of ions they build, the degree of difficulty in ionizing a specific atom, etc.

When matter is contemplated in depth it disappears before our eyes and its behavior depends on the observer. The physical world is not material in its essence, it is more subtle than energy itself, like a field that carries information. It's could be described as information vibrating in potential conditions.


In this domain and after 30 years of research on the origin of pain, Dr. Moncayo and his team concluded that symptoms respond to changes in the behavior of energy. In other words, symptoms are the response to altered states of information produced in the primeval and coherent realm of life and which can be measured at the atomic and subatomic level and in the modification of the collagen absorbency index.

Utilizing spectrophotometry to study the light absorption index of collagen in pregnant women, Dr. Moncayo discovered among other highly interesting findings that this absorption index could be an optimum efficiency pattern. Subsequently, this index was compared with the absorption index of patients with specific symptoms and found that each symptom, for instance that of rheumatoid arthritis, repeated the same alteration in the blood absorption index. This means that each pathology has a specific spectrum pattern.

The adjunct treatment proposed by Dr. Moncayo begins with the systematic analysis of said alterations, describing a “reverse frequency” with which the patient can be treated. With this specific information, a package of frequencies is induced and generated and subsequently administered to the patient with topical applications and food supplements based on the memory of water.

The result is that the Intelligence that manages our immune system perceives that the alteration of the energy which gave rise to the symptoms has now restored coherent behavior in its electronic pattern and immediately cancels the order which produces the symptoms.








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